Easy to use, packed with features

SMDR+ represents excellent value for money

Multi-Site Support

SMDR+ can support up to 999 individual PBX's in one installation.

Scheduled Reports

SMDR+ can run scheduled reports and place them either as a file in a location of your choice or via email.

Flexible PBX Support

SMDR+ can support a number of different PBX's thanks to it's Custom Mappings feature. This allows practically any telephone system to be used with SMDR+ as the user can match outgoing data into a format SMDR+ recognises.

Free, Everyone loves that word

SMDR+ is kept free due to the generosity of it's users

Advertising Free

Unlike many free downloads, SMDR+ is advertising free and does not include any bundled 'extras' you do not want - one plain and simple download!

No Time Limits

SMDR+ has no time limits, functionality blocks or trials. Every feature is available to everyone.